Ragdoll Standard::

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Ragdoll kittens are born with white hair, the nose, ears and paw pads are pink. At age of 1 week of birth, their color start to define, Full color development may not be evident until 2-3 years of age.

The 5 versions are ::

Tatjana-s Baby Boots 8 months old


: Colorpoint:

The colour of the points (mask, ears, paws and tail) to be well defined. The mask covers the cheeks, whisker pads, nose, eyes and chin. Nose leather and paw pads should be same colour as points.

Characteristics: mask, ears, paws , tail, nose in the point color. Paws and tail well defined and in harmony with the color of the body.

Left hand you have photo of a seal colorpoint.

Tatjana-s Baby Boots 8 moths old
: Mitted :

The colour of the points (mask, ears, legs and tail) to be well defined. A narrow white blaze on the nose is permitted. The chin, bib and chest are white as is the underbody from chest to tail. The two front paws will have white mittens that are evenly matched and not extending beyond the angle formed by the paw and the leg. The back legs should be white to a minimum level of the hock but preferably up to the level of the underbody. Nose leather should be the same colour as the points and the paw pads should be pink.

Left hand you see a photo of a blue mitted with blaze.

Tatjana-s Ibicenca Blues

: El Bicolor :

The mask should have a balanced inverted ‘V’ of white starting on the forehead, extending downwards covering the nose, whisker pads and chin, but should not extend beyond the outer aperture of the eye. The bib, chest and entire underbody should be white. The front legs should be all white. It is desirable that the back legs should be white to the level of the underbody. The colour of the points (remainder of mask, ears and tail) to be clearly defined. Nose leather and paw pads will be pink.

Left hand we see a photo of a blue bicolor.

lynx ragdoll de paloma moreno linares

:Lynx :

Whose(Which) points having the parts you carry to extremes also the mask with tiger-striped brands(marks).

The Colores::

In the Ragdoll breed you find four traditional colores: SEAL , BLUE, CHOCOLATE y LILA and the new colores red and cream. Here is a site that gives you more information on these new colores: www.unrealragdolls.com/coloresypatrones.htm


The overall impression given by a Ragdoll is that of a large, powerful, imposing cat, distinctively marked and striking in appearance. The cats should be relaxed in temperament, gentle and easy to handle. Remarks:Cats may not reach full maturity until between three and four years of age and therefore some degree of body shading is to be expected.

Head: Broad head with flat plane, not domed, and width between the ears. Cheeks well developed, with a rounded well developed muzzle and firm chin with level bite.

The nose should be of medium length with a gentle dip, and slightly retrousee at tip.

Ears: Medium in size, set wide with a slight tilt forward. They should be well furnished and rounded at the tip.

Eyes: Large, well opened, slightly oblique and set well apart. Blue in colour; the deeper blue the better.

Body: Long and muscular. Short neck, heavy set. Broad chest.

Legs: Medium in length and of substantial bone.

Paws: Paws large round, firm and tufted.

Tail: Long, bushy, slightly tapered towards the tip, and should at least reach the shoulder and be in proportion to the body.

Coat: Silky texture, dense and medium in length. A ruff and knickerbockers are preferred on mature cats. (A short coat in the summer is acceptable).