My retired Ragdolls:

Cleopatra seal colorpoint hembra 5 años de edad

:: Givhatol Cleopatra of Tatjana::

::Import Israel ::
:: 100% traditional lines ::

Sire :Ter Sher Volkan, seal bicolor
Dam :Givhatol's Uranus, blue mitted
Version: Seal colorpoint
Dob :25 June 2007

About Cleopatra:Cleopatra arrived together with Lans from Israel at 1 1/2 years of age. She is a large female with medium boning, and a fantastic eye color. She had a nice character getting on well with all the other cats at home. Cleopatra retired in December 2013 and lives with Miguel in Madrid.

Stenstagarden Fleur de Bel con 6 años de edad

:: Stenstagarden Fleur de Bel::

::Import Suecia ::
::100% traditional lines ::

Sire :Ragamour Starlighter, blue colorpoint
Dam :Stenstagardens Zabella Elegante,blue bicolor
Version: Blue bicolor (true(
Dob : 08 September 2006

About Fleur:About Fleur:Fleur came from Sweden from my dear frined Maria, with Nike as grand-father and Grisu as grand-father. She was of Uk lines with Blossom Time Romeo and Juliet in 5th generation. She was always a good mother giving us nice kttens. Today she lives retired with a daughter and Marga in Menorca.

Baby Boots 2 years old

:: Tatjana' Baby Boots::

::100% traditional lines ::

Sire :Givhatol Gryps of Lenitas, seal mitted
Dam : Tatjana's Kabira, blue mitted
Version:Blue mitted
Dob : March 2008

About Baby Boots: Baby Boots::Baby Boots is 18 months old on this photo. she developed into a very pretty female perfectly marked.She has dark blue eyes and a lovely coat.Booty now live with Daisy in Belgium.As a memory we have Rianna in our breeding program.

Elfriede 4 years old

:: Fultrui Elfriede of Tatjana ::

:: 100% traditional lines::
::Import Alemania ::

Sire :IC Tatjana's Hermes Blues, blue colorpoint
Dam : Chatandolls Alwina of Fulltrui, seal colorpoint
Version: Sealpoint
Dob : March 2005

About Elfriede: Elfie as we called her was a strong healthy female with a fantastic blue eye color. Her last litter with Givhatol Lans was the best litter she had, in the future we will be getting kittens back from this litter.Elfie lives as a pensionist with Sabine in Germany. We have a grandchild from her in Tango from Argentine.

Kylador My Dear WAtson of Tatjana

:: Kylador My Dear Watson of Tatjana ::

::Import Canada ::

Sire :Harlequindolls Otis of Kylador
Dam : Bridlepath's Mercedes of Kylador
Version: Blue Bicolor (HM)
Dob : March 2007

About Watson: Watson is the first Ragdoll from the cattery Kylador exported to Europe.He is not only a stunning example of the breed, but also 100% of how a Ragdoll should be, sweet, lovable with and absolute adorable Ragdoll character. We did not keep a kitten from him, as he is not 100% traditional lines, but we still love him and thank Karen his breeder for trusting us with him.

Givhatol's Gryps of Lenitas

:: Givhatol's Gryps of Lenitas::

::Import Israel ::
:: 100% traditional lines ::

Sire :Dollhouse Barbie's Legacy
Dam : Givhatol's Elpenor
Version: Seal mitted con llama blanca
Dob : May 2004

About Gryps: Gryps or Charli as we call him was a big boy with a nice coat and strong body. He came indirectly to us from the cattery Lenitas in Germany. We kept one female from him: Tatjana's Baby Boots

Givhatol's Nausikaa

:: Givhatol's Nausikaa ::

::Import Israel ::
:: 100% traditional lines ::

Sire :IC Givhatol's Jupiter
Dam : Ragnarok's Diana of Givhatol
Version: Blue Mitted
Dob : Julio 1997

About Nausikaa:Nausikaa was our best breeder and mom from all the years, in March 2006 she retired and now lives with us as the boss and pensionist.Of course we had to keep lots of memories from her, Nausi left us in March 2014.We kept 3 females:
Tatjana's Tanit
Tatjana's Kabira
Tatjana's Kachina