:: Page dedicated to my grand male FIFe European Champion Stenstagarden Nike::

Nike was a very special cat in my cattery. Before Nike arrived to my home I was contemplating,
due to bad experiences of giving up breeding without giving myself a real chance to get know and love this wonderful breed.So this page is dedicated with love and respect to my Ragdoll NIKE.

Nike arrived to Malaga/Spain in August 1996 from Sweden, he was a replacement for the previous male I had owned. I remember exactly picking him up from Malaga, it was a very hot summer month with temperatures well over 40ª celsius (100º fahrenheit), surely a temperature- and culture shock for Nike coming from Sweden.

Right hand the first photo taken of Nike upon his arrival in Malaga, he is 5 1/2 months old and weighs 4,5 kg ( 10lbs).


Photo left: Nike 8 months old.

Arriving at his new home in Ibiza, he immediately chose his forever favorite place.Nike is 6 months old now.

1997 ganador del trofeo Denny Dayton Trophy de USA Nike en Ibiza 1 año Nike en Ibiza 1 año Nike en Ibiza 1 año Nike ganador de BIS y BOB Madrid 1997 2 Portadores con Nike, años 1997 y 2002 Nike en el Diario de Ibiza Nike en Israel en el diario, donde fui BIS y termino su carrera de EC Nike en Ibiza 10 años retirado ya lightbox for jqueryby VisualLightBox.com v5.9