My Males:
:: Tatjana's Capitano::

::Tradtional Lines ::

Tatjana's Capitano, blue bicolor 5 months old

Sire :Givhatol Lans of Tatjana, blue bicolor
Dam : Tatjana's Flower Power, seal bicolor
Version :Lilac Bicolor tested DNA DNA certificate
Dob : April 2012

About Capitano :Capitano home bred lilac male, he is a big boy weighing at 5 months age 3,8 kilo , with a lovely eye color. His sweet character always purring and lovely coat make him to a very promising boy. Every kitten from Capitano will be a chocolate carrier (chococarrier b), mated to a female choco carrier we will get lilac and chocolate kittens.

Blood group:
Tested negative DNA for HCM.


:: FIFe European Champion Stenstagarden Nike ::

::Import Sweden::

Sire :Ragtime Haesselby, blue bicolor
Dam : Pandapaws Blue Haze, blue colorpoint
Version : Blue bicolor
Dob :20 February 1996

About Nike:The dearest of them all, came all the way from Sweden to live in sunny Spain bred by my friend Maria Staaf. Nike is the first FIFe European Champion Ragdoll in Spain.Nike deserves and has his own page if you click here: Nike's Site.Nike has retired from breeding in 2006 but his place will always be on this page. Nike passed away 4th May 2010, he was 14 years old, rest in peace Nike.

Blood group " A"