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I am of German nationality, living in Spain since 25 years .exactly in Ibiza and since 5 years in Palma de Mallorca/Baleares, an island in the mediterranean Sea together with my son Christian who shares his love for Spain and my Ragdolls.

In year 1995 I fell in love with a photo of a Ragdoll, I decided to dedicate myself to this breed, and today one can see the results. I am very proud of my lovely Ragdolls and kittens that I have produced and placed in Europe and world wide.

My breeding program aims are to only breed with 100% traditional Ragdoll lines with the colors Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac (without any outcrosses)according to the Denny Dayton Genetic Chart. (Originally edited by Denny Dayton until 1994). Since we have the possibilty to DNA test our cats for color, I took the opportunitey to test all of my breeders. Results were very surprising as for years we beleived we had lost the traditional lilac and chocolate colores in the Ragdoll. Since 2013 with all my breeders tested and I proudly can state that I have various chocolate gene carriers and one homebred lilac male.

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All cats, even the males live together with me running free, kittens are brought up in the same family envirement and leave my home being lovable and sociable kittens.

Don't hesitate to contact me, for any information about the Ragdoll.My aim in breeding is to raise Ragdolls from original lines, and to raise healthy, large Ragdolls with their fantastic temperament.The results of my cats in exhibitions and my breeding program confirm this. 

Where we are located::

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Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, which is the archipelago Autonomous Region over eastern Spain, coincidentally province autonomous region.Like Menorca and Ibiza Majorca is a major tourist destination.790.763 inhabitants ( in year 2006).

The island's capital is Palma de Mallorca or locally known as inhabitants of the "Part Forana" (part of the island that is not the capital):

The island has a population census of 790,763 inhabitants (2006), of which slightly less than half live in its capital, "Palma de Mallorca(375,048 registered in 2006, and 407,000 registered as of January 2007).The municipalities that are still in Calvia population (45,824), Manacor(37,165), Inca (27,301), Llucmajor(31,381),Marratxí(29,742), Felanitx(16,948), Pollença (16,398) and Alcúdia(16,176).The metropolitan area of the capital, which stretches for 4 municipalities Palma,Calvia, Marratxí and Llucmajor located in the Bay of Palma, has more than 500,000 inhabitants.The town with the least populated of Escorca (307) located in the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The island receives annually, thanks to tourism as a main activity of the island, some 12 million visitors, so in summer, the population of these cities is multiplied..

The Mallorcan climate is typically Mediterranean, with very high temperatures in summer (above 30 ° C) and moderately low in winter (rarely less than 5 ° C). The snowfalls are common in winter in the highest peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana but exceptional in the flat and the capital. Being an island, the humidity level is very high. The primary means to get Mallorca is the plane. From the Son Sant Joan Airport are scheduled flights to the capitals of the other islands Mahon and Ibiza),some mainland cities Barcelona,Valencia,Madrid, Alicante,Bilbao,etc.) and many European cities, primarily from the United Kingdom, Germany. In fact, this is the airport that has a greater number of passengers per year across Spain after the Madrid-Barajas. Because of the tourism, it is easy to find cheaper direct flights with major German cities or with the British mainland.

Besides the plane, it is also possible to travel by boat to Valencia and Barcelona from the seaport.

I live with my cats in the town of Llucmajor in a central location and easily accessible, 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the sea like this visitors can enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean Sea while visiting my cattery.